tisdag 14 april 2020


CANCELLED! Like everything else nowadays our mini-tour to England is cancelled. We were beyond stoked to pop on over to play both MPF and a show in London by our favourites South London Scum. But as the world is right now it's neither possible nor the sensible thing to do. Stay safe everyone, stay healthy and show solidarity with one another. Shows and social gatherings will ensue and we will get through together. But for now, support your struggling venues, organisers and artists as best possible.

Forever mangeling for freedom!

torsdag 12 december 2019

End of the year!

 So the end of the year is closing in, and what a YEAR it's been! 

Starting it off by touring full speed ahead in Indonesia with our brothers in arms Kontrasosial AND releasing our split album together! and having Tyan on bass. Chaos Riders Freedom Fighters FOREVER!

Having a shared releaseparty with Malmö friends, Remiso & Anhedoni.

Continuing the year with a mini-tour in England.

Playing two shows with our dear friends Dårligt Selskab in Malmö/Copenhagen.

Having the Swedish/Japanese family gathered (LiFE) for Puntala Fest in Finland.

Antisocial fest in Stockholm.

The massive Euro-tour with our good friend Simon on bass.

And finally rounding it off in Malmö/Copenhagen once again.

It's a massive privilege to be able to tour as much as we do, but even more so a great pleasure. We love meeting new friends and old friends, seeing new places and the experience of it all. Thank you ALL for sharing this year with us. For coming to the shows, organising, helping out, driving, hooking us up with a sleeping place, cooking, sharing the stage, lending us a hand, buying us a beer or simply just coming up and talking a bit. We're more than excited for yet another year of Mangel, and 2020 is 10 years ago since Crutches was formed. I think that deserves a little something extra. Stay tuned for more information!

onsdag 9 oktober 2019

måndag 20 maj 2019

A good weekend

We'd like to thank Dårligt Selskab and Contorture for a great weekend.
First this Friday at Enskiftet where we had the pleasure to have this great night together with all.
Then Bumzen Köpendanmark where we had the pleasure to do yet one more show together with Dårligt Selskab and Social Decline.

Killer, thanks for the mega inspiration ya all!

Next show for us will be the 24:th of July together with our dear ones LIFE (Tokyo crasher crusties) here in Malmö then up to Finland to play Puntala fest.

See you more soon!!

onsdag 5 december 2018

Chaos Riders // Freedom Fighters - tour 2019

We are so exited to post the info about our coming tour!

Chaos Riders / Freedom Fighters tour. Bali and Java in January together with our lovely friends of Kontrasosial.

17 jan 2019 Bali 
19 jan 2019 kediri
20 jan 2019 jogja
22 jan 2019 Libertad fest
26 jan 2019 punkisnotcrime jakarta •
Poster svartwork by @Oik_wasfuk ✌️🔥❤️ Layout by @mayhemxstudio that’s also working on the cover for the split tape release for the tour.

fredag 30 november 2018

Recorded stuff!


We're super exited about our new recording. We've managed to nail 7 new songs that will be released as our first split release so far, this together with our lovely friends from Indonesia - Kontrasosial. We will celebrate the release with an Indoneasia tour this January, Bali and Java will be detonated, there will be a tour tape release and later on a split 12".

As so many times before we have the honor to have Stiv to doodle the cover art and Kenji with additional art for the cover.

The release will as son many times be a collaboration of friends all over the DIY world. More info as soon as all is 100% set for release.
But again we will have our lovely comrades of Breeding for extinction, Distro-y, Phobia, Profane Existence, Rawmantic Disaster, Up the punx, Mundo en kaos, Disaster, Bullwhip and our own label Not Enough.

For the fire!

lördag 1 september 2018

Summer's over!

Hey y'all!

Summer's officially over. We've been mangeling as intense as we've could have the past couple of months. Past weekend together with our family in Visions Of War made it a closing for a couple of restless months of pure love.

Now we're going to start the recording of our coming split 12"/tape with our lovely comrades from Bandung Indonesia, Kontrasosial. This will be our first split release and we're totally stoked about it. The feeling of what we'll be able to do now feels really good. And we hope that you's gonna enjoy it as well.

After that we've planned to do a short SE-Asian Invasion in January, together with Kontrasosial, we're also going to try to do at least one or two shows somewhere around Sweden before that. But this is the plan, and it feels really great. More will be as always, as you who know us by now could count on.

Anyhow! We'll update you about the progress! It'll be STUFF

/ Oskar - CRUTCHES