tisdag 10 juli 2018


Sad news! Ursut has cancelled their tour together with us. We will do our part so no changes except that we will be touring alone. Hope to see you at the shows anyway and let's mangel even harder!

onsdag 4 juli 2018

We're leaving on a short mini-tour together with Ursut from the 11th to the 15th of July, where we'll be crashing through Germoney and aim for DIY Hardcore Punk Fest vol. 14 in Poland!

11 JUL - GER Bremen, Punkcafe-SWH, TBA
12 JUL - GER Leipzig, Connewitz, w/ Visions Of War
13-14 JUL - POL Gdynia, Klub Muzyczny Ucho, “DIY Hardcore Punk Fest vol.14”, w/ Ursut, Visions Of War, Extinction of Mankind, Acidez, Sanctus Iuda, Implore, wieże fabryk, Non President, Orphanage Named Earth, The Restarts, Makabert Fynd, Indian Nightmare, Radium Grrrls, Alles, Ohyda & the Pau
15 JUL - GER Berlin, Køpi, KomaF, w/ Subverse & Dozix

#crutches #ursut #mangelingdödskängforever #マンゲル #松葉杖

fredag 18 maj 2018

US East Coast Rat Invasion

So we’re back home from the states and what a tour it’s been! Once again being blown away by the sheer force of the DIY punk movement, showing that it still can’t be controlled or put down. We’re growing constantly stronger together. A massive thanks to all of you who helped us out, organized shows, cooked, played together with us, came to the gigs, housed, and showed us all the amazing things we got to experience.

A special thanks to Chris/Profane Existence for being who you are, an excellent driver, and a new brother in the Chaos Squad Family.

Until next time.

#crutches #useastcoastratinvasion #mangelingforfreedom #松葉杖 #マンゲル #炎 #profaneexistence

tisdag 9 januari 2018

new year...

Hey you all!
Thanks a lot for all this past year, it has been an amazing ride, we're truly great full for all the support and the people that we met along the roads and bars.

This year starts with a show here in Malmö the 23:rd of February at Enskiftet along side Slutet.
Hope to see some of you's there!

We have a load of shows booked already, the US tour in May is being booked by Profane Existence so please get in touch with Chris if  you want to help us out. More updates as soon as we're getting things ready.

tisdag 26 september 2017

Back from Japan!

So we're back from Japan. Sitting at work thinking back to all the amazing experiences, places, memories, new people (and old friends) we met this time. Everyone of you who made it into a crazy fun adventure. A million thanks to quⒶng duc Ⓐsylum for sharing four shows with us, Motomu Sadaoka, Atf Yoichi, Sayaka Sayaka, Pit Bar crew, Koutaro Kanari "dfer", Ashikaga "Punk Departure" fest crew and Punx, Sadakichi Ouchi, Studio tissue box crew, Koriyama Punx, You Ishizuka, Sendai Birdland crew, Sendai punx, ZUKK for the incredible ratbastard painting, 早稲田 Zone-B crew, Toxic Control, El Puente crew, Yokohama punx, Shigeru Shiggy Sato, 北浦和KYARA crew, Saitama Punx, Pest, Live&Pub Moonstep crew & Tokyo punx. For organizing, hanging out and taking such good care of us!

And to all the bands we shared stage together with. We've been filming all of the shows as a sign of gratitude and wanting to spread the word of all your amazing bands. Here's a link:

A special thanks to LIFE, 'President' Kenta, Hirofumi, Abe & Taka, for having us back in Japan a second time. Chaos squad family forever we are never die.

And this tour wouldn't have been at all possible without the massive help and support from Nori Rakkos, Ico Yoshimoto, and Keisuke Higa.

You're the best and we love you. いつも乾杯、問題ない & かかってこいよ!
Until we meet again.


tisdag 12 september 2017

Heading out tomorrow!

Heading of to Japan tomorrow! Super exited about getting back again, to see all old friends and have a blast seeing new places and faces.

Spread the word if you like. Cheers

onsdag 19 juli 2017