onsdag 14 januari 2015

Benefit show Punx 44

So the 24th of Jan we're playing a benefit show for Punx 44 in Stockholm at Café 44. Together with Honnör SS and Vanvett we'll be mangling the night away.

Apparently HAPPY HOUR in between 19-21

Age: 18
Time: 19:00 to late hours.
Door: 80 SEK (or more in donation)
Bring CA$$H!

torsdag 1 januari 2015

2014 is fucking dead!

So 2014 was the year nazis tried to kill our comrades, right-winged assholes got elected into the Swedish government, cops held them in a tight mother-like cradle showing their true colors (again), while sending cavalry rushes trough masses of protestors, beggars got slandered, mosques attacked and refugee camps set on fire. All just a fraction of events through out the year. But most ridiculous is that it would seem the only solution to this is more surveillance, more cops and army training camps against poor people?
   2014 was also a fantastic year where we toured a lot, met tones of amazing people, played with rad bands at cool spaces kept alive by people who refuse to back down. Demos and protests are being organized, new bands are being formed due to anger and a feeling of that something needs to be done. We say 2014 Is Fucking Dead, keep together and keep the fire burning! Never ending resistance! Still mangeling for Freedom. A//E