torsdag 27 juni 2013

Summer lineup

Summer 2013 lineup Oskar, Andreas, Tom and Daniel (sommarvikarie)
When Jallas is in the south travelling we have our dear and great friend DisDaniel to fill in for him during the summer shows! This is going to be super!

måndag 24 juni 2013

Punk Illegal up next!

Hey you all!! We made a really nice show at our rehearsalspace last week, our friends Krigskontrast wanted to have one more show around the K-town fest and asked us to join them, so we did! It all went really well and a good turnout with great friends made the night really great!
This was really great as well since our friend Daniel, who's a standin for Jallas during this summers gigs, had the possibility to do the first show before this coming weekend in Gothenburg.

So see you's in Gothenburg this Friday! Looking forward to the Punk Illegal fest at 128 (A) a lot!

onsdag 5 juni 2013

Gigs for the summer!

We're booked for two more festivals this summer!
We'll be playing the Punk illegal fest in Gothenburg the 28:th of June, and we did aslo get booked to play the UnderWerket HC fest the 6:th of September.
Thre's also goign to be a Malmö show the 24:th of July at Kanten w Visions of war and some others!
We'll see to try and get some more stuff done during this summer!