torsdag 12 januari 2012


For all of you who's been wondering as well as you who haven't. We have been rehearsing a lot and have since this Sunday recorded five amazing steamroller d-beats, at Studio Bengt with our dear friend Mattias, for an upcoming demo (more info on that soon). We've also pulled off our first gig in a long while, (second in total) AND with Andreas on guitar at that. What a blast! Thanks goes out to all the people who showed up and Bittra Miner who was heading home from their tour in Germany but stopped by Malmö for a show.

As you might have noticed, we've started this blog as well since we didn't find our previous Myspace working as well as we wanted it to; and fuck Murdoch anyway!

Drop us a line, new and old friends crutches666 (a) live . com

Even though you'll be hearing from us soon again!


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