måndag 20 februari 2012

Change of venue, the 24th FEB

Ever since Utkantens eviction in March last year, it's been a hell of a lot of trouble with trying to put up gigs in Malmö. We found a couple of nice folks at a pizza joint who were willing to have the shows in their basement. But now they've maybe received too many complaints and stopped doing that for some reason.

Because of that, the gig with Kylmä Sota and Infernöh has been move to a new venue out by the trainstation. Stapelbädden. The only sad part is that it had to be run as a membership gig. It's alright to bring your own alcohol. But to get in you have to send your NAME, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER & ADRESS to framework(a)skitsystem.net. (The information will NOT be forwarded to anyone).

Stpln - Stapelbädden, Stapelbäddsgatan, 21119 Malmö, Sweden

A bit messy but it's going to be a blast anyway. Hope to see you there!

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