måndag 8 september 2014

Deluge and a small tour.

So, this month started of with a big bang.. or should I say gush?
90mm. of rain in just a couple of hours, Malmö got wet as hell! Which filled our rehearsal space along with many of our friends spaces. Sucks big time! And some people say it's not a climate issue to discuss. Well...

It might be holding us back for a week or two. But we cleared our space out and I don't think it's ever been this clean. haha.

Last weekend we headed over to France for the ABC benefit fest and did a show in Hannover and one in Bremen. We had a fucking blast! Thank you all for organising and showing up in support of DIY punk. Showing that commercial attitudes and gentrification can go to hell!

Now we're having a bit of a break from touring and are focusing on writing some new stuff for the upcoming album. See you in England for our tour over there in October! So stoked!

Here's an interview Periferia zine did with us a while back. It's in Czech, but still!

A// Never Ending Resistance //E

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