fredag 6 mars 2015

Recording session, upcoming gigs/tour and some new photos

So our new recording hit some technical issues (as always) and we had to jump some hoops and hurdles. But we're back on track and are closing in on being finished. Only some loose ends to tie up now. We'll keep you posted.

We got two upcoming gigs this month:

13 MAR - SWE Jönköping, Insikten, w/ Idiot Ikon & Vildvittra
14 MAR - SWE Göteborg, 128(A), w/ Idiot Ikon, Arson Under the Sea and Min Mammas Klimax




And later on next month we'll be going on a tour through Germany, Czech and Poland. Part 2 of the Mangeling for Freedom tour.


05 APR - DEU Berlin, Abstand, w/ Shitcharge
06 APR - DEU Leipzig, Plagewitz, w/ Fear of Extinction
07 APR - CZE Praha, Sberne Suroviny, w/ Fear of Extinction
08 APR - CZE Brno, Schrott, w/ See You in Hell & Midnatt Död
09 APR - POL Krakow, Klub Piękny Pies Ul, w/ Dishell
10 APR - POL Lublin, Al. Piłsudskiego, w/ Dezerter & Peru
11 APR - POL Warsaw, ADA 1 year anniversary, w/ Monday Suicide, Ukryte Zalety Systemu & Tania O.
12 APR - POL Gdynia, Klub Desdemona, w/ Death Crusade & Crah

And we've uploaded some photos from our West Coast Rat Invasion tour we did last year together with Frustration.

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