torsdag 19 januari 2017


Just a quick update about the coming tours of 2017

Got the flights booked for Japan RAT RAID tour II today, which means that the booking of the tour shows will start now. All by our lovely sweeties Nori and Ico of Distro Rakkos. Gigs and info will be updated as soon as we have something to share with you all! starts 14/15:th of September till the 24:th of September.

EURO TRASH - tour in May will start the 10:th of May in Berlin and end the 20:th in Leipzig, maybe a last breakdown here in Malmö the 21:st of May. more info will be posted as soon as we have anything to share, keep an eye on the GIGS section for further updates. First of we'll head down to Mallorca in the 18:th of March. Till then we're recording the third 12" SÅLD which we are really happy about.

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