onsdag 4 juli 2018

We're leaving on a short mini-tour together with Ursut from the 11th to the 15th of July, where we'll be crashing through Germoney and aim for DIY Hardcore Punk Fest vol. 14 in Poland!

11 JUL - GER Bremen, Punkcafe-SWH, TBA
12 JUL - GER Leipzig, Connewitz, w/ Visions Of War
13-14 JUL - POL Gdynia, Klub Muzyczny Ucho, “DIY Hardcore Punk Fest vol.14”, w/ Ursut, Visions Of War, Extinction of Mankind, Acidez, Sanctus Iuda, Implore, wieże fabryk, Non President, Orphanage Named Earth, The Restarts, Makabert Fynd, Indian Nightmare, Radium Grrrls, Alles, Ohyda & the Pau
15 JUL - GER Berlin, Køpi, KomaF, w/ Subverse & Dozix

#crutches #ursut #mangelingdödskängforever #マンゲル #松葉杖

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