lördag 1 september 2018

Summer's over!

Hey y'all!

Summer's officially over. We've been mangeling as intense as we've could have the past couple of months. Past weekend together with our family in Visions Of War made it a closing for a couple of restless months of pure love.

Now we're going to start the recording of our coming split 12"/tape with our lovely comrades from Bandung Indonesia, Kontrasosial. This will be our first split release and we're totally stoked about it. The feeling of what we'll be able to do now feels really good. And we hope that you's gonna enjoy it as well.

After that we've planned to do a short SE-Asian Invasion in January, together with Kontrasosial, we're also going to try to do at least one or two shows somewhere around Sweden before that. But this is the plan, and it feels really great. More will be as always, as you who know us by now could count on.

Anyhow! We'll update you about the progress! It'll be STUFF

/ Oskar - CRUTCHES

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